The Zini Vineyards were created from the great passion for Lambrusco and the conviction that it is possible to give it a personal interpretation; the vineyard is a young and dynamic reality that has been launched in the adventure of producing Lambrusco, with the enthusiasm and passion of beginners, but with some extremely clear ideas and the evident ambition of seeking quality at all costs: the personality typical of wines produced with the heart and through the valorisation of their typical nature, which makes them recognisable and sanctions the strong ties they have with the territory, of which they are an expression.

On the strength of their convictions and the value of their land, Zini Vineyards have dedicated great care and attention to every phase of processing, from the vineyard to the wine cellar, repeating the gestures, procedures and rituals that have been conserved over the centuries, not so much in written rules as in the wisdom of farmers handed down through the generations. The objective is to ensure that the plants go through all of their vegetative phases in the most natural way possible, limiting external intervention to a minimum, in order to bring healthy, rich and high quality grapes to the winery.

Conspicuous technological support can no longer be foregone in modern winegrowing, but at times that support is at risk of altering the final result; from the outset of their relatively recent oenological adventure, Zini Vineyards have always tried to take the best advantage of modern technology, but have also made efforts, above all, to use technology in a pondered and parsimonious manner, placing it at the service of a centuries-old tradition, in the awareness that this is the only road that a serious winegrower can travel in order to market a quality wine that communicates its entire history.

Scrupulous work in the vineyard definitely facilitates processing in the wine cellar, because high quality grapes are the necessary condition to obtain great wines; thus, the phases following the harvest serve the fundamental purpose of guiding and supporting the transformation of the fruit, initially into must and then into wine, seeking to preserve its perfumes, aromas and organoleptic properties. From squeezing to maceration, from fermentation to bottling, Zini Vineyards subjects every step of the processing to severe controls, without neglecting even the slightest detail, to ensure that their bottles are capable of speaking to us of a unique wine and the territory from which it was born.





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